Wallpapers HD of the 2 Broke Girls TV Show

Caroline's (Beth Behrs, 'NAVY: Los Angeles') life changes dramatically when, overnight and after a series of setbacks, she finds herself going from being a beautiful, wealthy young woman who can afford to indulge her every whim to having to make a living to make ends meet. The young woman gets a precarious job as a waitress in a greasy restaurant in Brooklyn (New York) and there she meets Max (Kat Dennings, ''Nick and Norah, a night of music and love', 'Thor'), her partner behind the bar. Although Max comes from a humble family and is the complete opposite of Caroline, the 20-somethings quickly connect and become best friends.

Despite being very different, they both share the same dream, so they soon start living together in the same apartment and working for a common good: to raise $250,000 to set up their own restaurant. However, this is no easy task. The pay they receive at the restaurant is not enough and the girls have to constantly look for other ways to earn a little extra money.