Wallpapers HD of the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Movie

About Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

"Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" is a historical fantasy film known for its unique characters and the imaginative twist on the life of Abraham Lincoln. In this movie, viewers will encounter a range of memorable characters who are part of a world where vampires secretly exist.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln, portrayed by Benjamin Walker, is the film's central character. He is the 16th President of the United States and a vampire hunter dedicated to eradicating the undead.

Henry Sturges

Henry Sturges, portrayed by Dominic Cooper, is a vampire who becomes Lincoln's mentor and ally in the fight against the undead.

Mary Todd Lincoln

Mary Todd Lincoln, portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, is Lincoln's wife and a supportive figure in his quest to eliminate vampires.


Adam, portrayed by Rufus Sewell, is a powerful vampire and the film's primary antagonist. He is a formidable adversary for Lincoln.

Joshua Speed

Joshua Speed, portrayed by Jimmi Simpson, is Lincoln's childhood friend and companion in his vampire hunting endeavors.