Wallpapers HD of the Adventure Time TV Show

'Adventure Time' is a cartoon series that focuses on two best friends: Finn and Jake who live in the "Land of Ooo". Finn is a 13-year-old boy and is Jake's adopted brother as well as his best friend. He loves adventures and proclaims himself a hero to help all those in need and defend "Ooo", but he almost always finds himself in trouble where reasoning is required rather than strength. Jake is a 30-year-old yellow magic dog with a great capacity for elasticity and with magical powers obtained, according to him, by bathing in a magic mud that allows him to manipulate the shape, size and dimensions of any part of his body, adapting any object he wants.

In "Ooo" live several surreal characters and talking animals, where magic and high technology come together to create strange and new artifacts. They are in charge of saving princesses, fighting evil, exploring unknown places and helping those in need. The Ice King is Finn's bitter enemy whose typical crime is to kidnap a princess and force her to marry him, which Finn and Jake thwart every time. Meanwhile, Princess Bubblegum is the princess Finn is madly in love with and rules Chucheland.