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About Age of Empires Online

"Age of Empires Online" is a real-time strategy game known for its diverse factions and rich historical settings. In this game, players can choose from different factions, each with its unique units, technologies, and playstyle.

Greek Civilization

The Greek Civilization in "Age of Empires Online" offers a balanced and versatile playstyle. It is known for its well-rounded infantry and naval units, as well as a strong economy.

Egyptian Civilization

The Egyptian Civilization focuses on a unique blend of infantry and priests. It excels in producing resources and boasts powerful defensive structures.

Celtic Civilization

The Celtic Civilization specializes in mobility and hit-and-run tactics. It has strong cavalry and archers, making it a formidable faction for aggressive players.

Persian Civilization

The Persian Civilization emphasizes powerful siege weapons and cavalry. It excels in raiding and conquest, with a focus on a versatile army composition.

Norse Civilization

The Norse Civilization is known for its seafaring abilities and fearsome infantry units. It is a faction that thrives in naval warfare and land-based assaults.