Wallpapers HD of the Angel Beats Anime

There is a world after death, where the souls of people whose lives were unjust, have a second chance to reach peace, and thus be reborn. But the truth is that nobody knows very well how this place works, where there are no diseases and one cannot die (at least not in the way we understand death). Due to the confusion, two conflicting sides are created: the Shinda Sekai Sensen (SSS), which fights against God's intentions because of the unfair life He has given them; and the side formed by Tenshi (Angel), whose only interest is that the other people are fulfilled and can be reborn. In this world appears our protagonist, Otonashi, who without memories of his previous life, embarks on an adventure where he forges deep friendships. He gradually recovers his memory and helps to solve the dilemmas of the people in this world.