Wallpapers HD of the Arcane TV Show

About Arcane

Arcane delves into the precarious balance between the wealthy city of Piltover and the sordid and oppressed Zaun and beautiful Arcane wallpapers and backgrounds. The tension between the two city-states is exacerbated on the one hand by the creation in Piltover of something called "Hextech", which allows anyone to control magical energy, and on the other by a new drug in Zaun called "Shimmer", which transforms humans into monsters. The rivalry between the two cities divides families and friends. 'Arcane' brings to life the relationships that shape some of the famous 'League of Legends' champions, such as Vi, Jinx, Caitlyn, Jayce and Viktor.


She is the pink-haired champion who had a difficult childhood, but her heart has always stayed in the right place. Her story will be about her from a petty criminal in Zaun to becoming the protector of peace in Piltover.


She is Vi's sister and is quite complicated. With a genuine mind and brilliance and her traumatic past make her a formidable villain.


He is known as Piltover's advocate for tomorrow. He is an inventor turned political leader.


She is the black sheep of her family constantly striving to escape the tentacles of their influence. She loves her family, but resents the privilege granted to her by her birthright by considering wealth as a prison.


He was born in Zaun, but his sharp mind made it possible for him to belong to Piltover. He soon becomes Jayce's partner in the invention of hextech, but Viktor's illness pushes him to the limit of what the new technology can do.


He is a Yordle, a race of spirits that take the form of small mammals. He is also one of Piltover's leading scientists thanks to his lifespan of over three centuries. Jayce was his apprentice.