Wallpapers HD of the Arrow TV Show

Developed by Greg Berlanti ('Eli Stone'), Marc Guggenheim ('Green Lantern') and Andrew Kreisberg ('Fringe'), 'Arrow' modernizes the Green Arrow character created in 1941 by Mort Weisinger and George Papp for DC Comics. In this new adventure, after being played by actor Justin Hartley in 'Smallville', the Emerald Archer will be brought to life by Stephen Amell, known for series such as 'Hung (Gifted)', 'Vampire Chronicles' or 'Sensation of Living'.

The story of 'Arrow' will not be completely faithful to the comic book and will invent for the character a new story and a new world. Green Arrow is a superhero dressed like Robin Hood who has a very special bow. His arrows are not normal, but have glue, nets, tear gas and even kryptonite to fight his enemies. His secret identity is that of billionaire Oliver Queen, a playboy who disappears in a shipwreck on a dangerous island in the South China Sea and, by dint of survival, becomes a master archer, martial arts and camouflage.