Wallpapers HD of the Assassins Creed Unity Game

Delivery of the year 2015 for the popular saga of action and adventure Assassin's Creed that, for the first time, is intended exclusively for the PS4 and Xbox One generation and that, of course, also appears on PC. The video game is set in eighteenth-century Paris, recreating in great detail real scenarios such as the Cathedral of Notre Dame or the Seine River that runs through the French capital.

Assassin's Creed Unity is starring Arno, a character immersed in the French Revolution that allows us to take part in some of the most famous moments of this well-known historical event and alternate them, at the same time, with a love subplot that truffles this video game of action and adventure with moments of more calm. Not without some controversy, this episode of the Ubisoft franchise has been accused of being released prematurely and with little polish, something that has been corrected with abundant patches until the achievement of a much more stable version that allows you to enjoy its single player campaign in a fascinating open world and, in addition, its interesting cooperative missions that replace the cooperative multiplayer of previous installments.