Wallpapers HD of the Asterix and Obelix on her Majesty Service Movie

It is the year 50 B.C. Caesar is eager for new conquests. At the head of his glorious legions he decides to invade the island at the edge of the known world, that mysterious land known as Britannia. Victory is swift and total. Or almost. Only one village manages to resist, but its forces are weakened, so Corddlia, queen of the Britons, decides to send her most faithful officer Jolitorax to seek help in Gaul, in another small village famous for its tenacious resistance to the Romans. In the village in question, Asterix and Obelix already have their hands full. Their boss has entrusted them with the task of making a man out of Goudurix, his young nephew who has just arrived from Lut�ce. And their task is far from accomplished. When Jolitorax arrives to ask for help, the Gauls decide to give him a barrel of their famous magic potion. Asterix and Obelix accompany him back to Britannia, as does Goudurix. After all, the trip seems to offer an excellent opportunity to complete the young man's education. Unfortunately, nothing goes quite right.