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About Atomic Heart


The story takes us to an alternative 1955, with a USSR that emerged victorious in World War II, thanks to the discovery of polymer, a versatile substance, capable of granting great advances in robotics and all kinds of technology.

Agent P-3, an elite soldier, goes to the preparations of the Kollectiv 2.0 network, an infrastructure capable of connecting the thoughts of all mankind, when suddenly everything collapses. The robots that used to take care of all the daily chores, from cleaning to waiters, start slaughtering people. What is the reason for this disaster?


Major Netschajew, a battle-hardened veteran with a history of numerous battles, appeared as a brooding and gloomy individual, yet he retained his sharp wit. Some perceived this as arrogance, while others considered it a defense mechanism against a harsh reality. The truth likely lay somewhere in between. Agent P-3's past was far from idyllic.

Rare moments of happiness, when they did occur, only accentuated the harshness of reality. He knew that Dr. Dimitri Sechenov had saved his life on the operating table multiple times, granting him PTA-4 alloy-reinforced bones and combat-ready polymer implants. Nechaev was now prepared to repay the doctor's kindness by becoming his special agent. Proficient in various weapons and an expert in both long-range and close combat, the Major had always been skeptical of machines. However, this conviction was about to be tested, as appearances can be deceiving.

Dmitri Sergu�yevich S�chenov

As the Minister of Industry and the leader of Facility 3826, a renowned scientist of his time, a visionary Soviet thinker, a neurosurgical specialist, and a robotics expert, he was also one of the architects behind the Kollektiv neural network. His consistent demonstration of the potential of diligent effort underscored that the loftiest human aspirations could be achieved. Collaborating with a team of scientists, he actively explores a pathway to the stars to unite humanity and pave the way for a brighter future.

Larisa Andr�yevna Fil�tova

Dr. Fil�tova is a top-tier neurosurgeon and a distinguished member of the Academy of Consequences, known for her intelligence and subtly manipulative demeanor. Following her mentor's passing, she continued to work on the integration of humans and machines within the Kollektiv 2.0 network. Her social score has dwindled due to her independent thinking and her defiance of direct orders from her superiors.

Yaya Zina

Zinaida Petrovna Muravyova, a former communications officer and lieutenant colonel at Facility 3826, was once part of Dr. S�chenov's inner circle before they parted ways long ago. Zinaida is characterized by her resilience and tenacity. Her extensive knowledge of Facility operations, access to classified systems, and rigorous combat training make her a revered figure among most personnel, often affectionately referred to as "Yaya Zina."

Michael Stockhausen

A German scientist who ventured to the USSR after the war in search of knowledge and opportunities, Stockhausen's career witnessed astonishingly rapid advancement, primarily due to his exceptional scientific and organizational talents, notably his superb administrative skills.

Recruited into the Facility to meet the quota of scientists from the German Soviet Socialist Republic, he swiftly gained the respect of S�chenov. Despite his meticulous nature and a touch of snobbery, he is one of the most well-known (and beloved) members of the Facility 3826 team.

V�ktor Vas�lyevich Petrov

An engineer, roboticist, and programmer, Petrov embarked on his career in the robotic theater of Facility 3826 during a wave of transformative enhancements to the venue. He has proven himself to be a resourceful specialist with great talent in this promising emerging field of science, coupled with a degree of creative vision. Comrade Petrov possesses a deep understanding of the arts, which enabled him to forge friendships with the director of the robotic theater and Facility 3826's deputy director, Michael Stockhausen, a well-known aesthete and patron of the arts.

Twins: Left and Right

Personal assistants and bodyguards of Comrade S�chenov, their exoskeletons were built upon the foundation of theatrical robotic dancers, incorporating cutting-edge technology. The subtlety, agility, and speed of these mesmerizing and uniquely engineered machines leave no doubt about the excellent protection afforded to the head of the Facility!