Wallpapers HD of the Attack on Titan Season 4 Anime

The members of the exploration squad are back in Attack on Titan season 4, where Eren decided to make a tough decision that will put everyone in check. All our main characters will return once again to fight against a totally new enemy that they are not used to, but their plans are really incredible.

It will be hard for us to think that this will be the last season of Attack on Titan and that we will have to say goodbye to this great series, but for now we can only enjoy these brave soldiers in their three-dimensional maneuvers team performing acrobatics in the middle of an enemy city and hundreds of shots, so the exploration brigade will perform its most intrepid action so far.

But this does not mean that we will not see any titan in Attack on Titan Season 4, since the titans will continue to be one of the strong points in all the action that we will be able to see throughout the season. But in this case they will be much more allies than enemies, since the members of Paradise Island know these enemies too well and know how to avoid them.

Undoubtedly we are facing a total change in the plot of the series, few could expect such a radical change in its history. The story we were told at the end of the third season, we discovered an advanced world in which they had lived on the sidelines and in which they would soon go for them, since the power they now possessed was not enough to live isolated forever.

All this will allow us to see in Attack on Titan Season 4 Scouts art a new variety of scouts that will use the anti-personnel maneuvering equipment to annihilate the enemy and prevail over them. But we will also be able to see some legendary titans that we have yet to see, such as the Hammer Titan and the Jaw Titan.