Wallpapers HD of the Batman Arkham Knight Game

Batman: Arkham Knight is the latest installment of the Arkham series under the baton of Rocksteady that is set, once again, in the city of Gotham. Like the previous episodes and that, following the tradition of the series, it progressively opens its focus. From the Arkham Sanatorium of the first part, to the different neighborhoods of the second, Arkham City, and the entire city in the case of this third episode. So much so that in Batman: Arkham Knight it becomes necessary to use the Batmobile as a pilotable vehicle that allows us to move at full speed through the city designed by Bob Kane, the creator of this winged superhero. This time Batman faces the worst villains of the well-known DC comic book series, with Scarecrow, Two-Face and many others, in a video game that multiplies the freedom of its playable proposal exponentially expanding its sandbox component and becoming the most ambitious episode of the Batman Arkham franchise to date. All a statement of intent for this Batman: Arkham Knight that aims to leave tied all the ties initiated by this series of adventures, and incorporates numerous unpublished gadgets, a more elaborate mobility and an impressive graphics thanks to the use of the possibilities of Xbox One, PS4 and the most powerful PCs of the moment.