Wallpapers HD of the Battlefield 3 Game

About Battlefield 3

DICE and Electronic Arts present Battlefield 3, the high-octane first-person shooter that takes military warfare to the next level with its intense battles and realism. In this installment, players will immerse themselves in a modern-day conflict and engage in massive multiplayer warfare across land, sea, and air.

Staff Sergeant Henry "Black" Blackburn

The gritty and determined protagonist, Blackburn is a U.S. Marine tasked with preventing a global catastrophe. Players will experience the game's action through his perspective as he unravels a complex plot.

Sgt. Jonathan "Jono" Miller

A loyal and skilled soldier, Miller is Blackburn's close friend and comrade who navigates the challenges of modern combat alongside the player.

Col. Dmitri "Dima" Mayakovsky

A Russian GRU operative, Dima plays a key role in the game's storyline, working to thwart a global threat and providing a different perspective on the conflict.

Warfare Across the Globe

Battlefield 3 takes players to a variety of real-world locations, including Tehran, New York, and Paris, delivering a diverse and thrilling gaming experience with battles across urban landscapes, deserts, and more.

Vehicles and Explosive Action

The game features a wide range of vehicles and weapons, from tanks and jets to infantry firearms, creating dynamic and explosive combat scenarios that keep players engaged and challenged.