Wallpapers HD of the Battlefield 4 Game

The famous war action saga created by DICE and EA faces with Battlefield 2 its second contemporary installment. The expert studio in first-person shooters responsible for the franchise and other brands such as Battlefront, is committed to reaffirming the pillars of the IP with this episode, and to continue expanding them with a new campaign set in a credible conflict with the East, and the strength of a legendary cooperative. The development between the current and next generation presents a graphic and technological section that is among the most powerful of the year of its release.

In Battlefield 4, the Frostbite graphics engine continues to demonstrate its strengths, and adapts to the first-person action experience like a glove, showing its great virtues and its ability to generate maps for up to 64 players with a very neat look, really colorful and impressive. Locations with very careful details such as variations in the form of natural disasters or collapsing buildings that bring a great visual and playable strength to Battlefield 4.