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A dreamy and romantic young girl named Bella (Emma Watson) lives in a small village with her father, a gadget inventor, who is considered by some to be a demented old man. One day, her father travels to a fair to exhibit his inventions, but gets lost on the way and ends up in a mysterious old castle. Looking for shelter and a place to spend the night, Bella's father discovers that the lord of the castle is a horrible Beast (Dan Stevens). When he becomes aware of his presence, the Beast locks him behind bars.

Belle, worried about her elderly father, does not hesitate for a moment to go out in search of him. When she finds the castle, Belle decides to make an exchange and stay locked up in exchange for the old man's freedom. During her stay, the protagonist will meet a series of peculiar characters that will make her feel much more comfortable. In addition, little by little, she will get to know the Beast, and she will realize that, inside him, there is a big heart. The young girl falls in love with him, thus undoing the ancient spell of the rose...

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