Wallpapers HD of the Bioshock Infinite Game

From the very moment a new Bioshock was announced by the guys at Irrational Games, the excitement and expectations were hard to control. The reasons were related to the brilliant success of the original game, from 2007, which is still among the best releases of the shooter genre in recent times. So with those precedents the idea of having another product from the same studio and under the same name was unusually suggestive, and that along the way we had enjoyed a second part that launched 2K Marin in 2010 and that also ended up being outstanding.

But, of course... A new work by Ken Levine and company is hardly rejectable, especially since the moment an impeccable and very long in-game trailer showing the goodness of the product was revealed. Since then there have been delays, abundant mysteries and, above all, uncontainable impatience. Now, with the program in our hands, we can only guarantee that the wait has been worth it, since what Infinite offers still has an undeniable character and charisma, and it is also a brilliant game from any point of view.