Wallpapers HD of the Boardwalk Empire TV Show

From Emmy-winning director Terence Winter ('The Sopranos') and award-winning director Martin Scorsese ('One of Us', 'Cape Fear', 'Taxi Driver'), 'Boardwalk Empire', which blends history and fiction, takes us to 1920s America, specifically to Atlantic City, at the time when the famous Prohibition law banned the sale of alcohol throughout the United States. A time when World War I had already ended and Wall Street was brewing the biggest bankruptcy in its history. Years full of political and social change in which women were beginning to gain the right to vote, radio broadcasts were reaching homes and young people were the engine of the world.

The undisputed boss of this Atlantic City scene is state treasurer Enoch 'Nucky' Thompson (Steve Buscemi, 'Fargo,' 'Reservoir Dogs,' 'The Big Lebowski'), a historical figure who actually existed. Equal parts politician and gangster, he is comfortable in performing either of his two tasks, legal and illegal. The city's location gives the protagonist a huge advantage. A few minutes from Philadelphia, a few hours from New York and less than a day's drive from Chicago, Atlantic City presents itself as the perfect choice for dealing alcohol.

As if his control wasn't enough, his brother Elias (Shea Whigham, 'Take Shelter') is the county sheriff. But Nucky not only has the lawman's blessing, he has both the political class and the area's gangs of thugs in his pocket. All in all, the protagonist establishes himself as the go-to guy for all illegal alcohol-related matters.