Wallpapers HD of the Boku no Hero Anime

Izuku Midoriya was just another human in a world of heroes and villains, where the vast majority of the population are gifted at birth. But some like Izuku Midoriya have no gifts at all, which makes them powerless against the gifts of others, and they cannot aspire to be professional heroes, this is the wallpaper of Boku no Hero.

But Mirodiya had been fighting all his life to be a hero but not having powers he had it very complicated if not impossible, but one day crossed his path his admired hero All Might who will help him become the hero he has always dreamed of and will become the successor of the good.

Thanks to the powers of All Might, Midoriya will have to work hard to control them and become Deku, the new superhero who will defend the innocent with a smile against the League of Villains. Those who seek to create a world of despair where only the strongest survive. But before fighting them, he will have to go to the AU, the most famous school of heroes in the world.

Here you must learn to control your powers that go beyond your body, so you must learn to be a great hero starting with the basics. Because his powers of great strength and agility will make him a true symbol of peace for humanity, but if his body is not able to withstand it, he will die.

Not only will we see the incredible skills in Deku's Boku no Hero, but we will meet his fellow students who are eager to become heroes as well and with whom he will team up on several occasions to fight other fearsome enemies, who have great powers that rival the best professional heroes, who will guide our students on their path to becoming real heroes.