Wallpapers HD of the Borderlands 3 Game

Borderlands 3 is the new Borderlands first person action game, considered the father of shooter looters with an emphasis on multiplayer, but with scenarios full of beautiful backgrounds. The third part, in charge of Gearbox, will take us again to star in a galactic adventure full of extravagant characters, epic enemies and duels with final bosses, all irrigated with multiple weapons.

The video game will take us into a world of post-apocalyptic science fiction, inviting us to take on one of the camera's 4 seekers, each with their own powers, game style, skill tree and customization options. In Borderlands 3 we will play Moze, the artillery, a very skillful warrior who will help us with her iron bear, an exceptional machine.

We will also have Amara, who can invoke his ethereal fists, and FL4K, a being who lives to hunt with his beasts that obey him without complaint. Finally, we can play Zane, a character specialized in combat gadgets, expert in sneaking into the battle, sowing chaos and giving the fire.

In this adventure we will visit worlds beyond Pandora, opening the door to new horizons, places and regions, an aspect that will give more visibility to the graphic section, which will swim again between the comic and the avant-garde. In Borderlands 3 we will fight against the sect of the Siamese Calypso, the villains of the function, who are seeking to subdue the entire galaxy under a new cult. Enjoy the best shots with weapons so scandalously rare that they will make you lose your mind without imagining that something like this could happen with a video game.

But when a game becomes a Trilogy it's because they've done things right and continue to improve on an incredibly exciting line for all their fans.