Wallpapers HD of the Breaking Bad TV Show

Highly acclaimed by critics, this television drama written and produced by Vince Gilligan ('The X-Files') shows us the life of Walter White (Bryan Cranston 'Malcolm'), a genius in the field of chemistry whose existence is marked by enormous frustration both personally and at work. Sunk by a monotonous and bland relationship with his wife and unable to test his brilliance working as a high school teacher, Walter gives a radical turn to his way of life when he discovers he has terminal cancer. Since then, in his own way, he decides to reaffirm his love for his family and for chemistry by setting up a meth lab with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), a former troubled student, to leave his wife and son in good stead when he is gone.

The series explores the limits of being human and exposes Walter to situations he could never have imagined being in before. From very early on, the series shows this chemistry professor enjoying these kinds of situations, which is in direct contrast to his previous lifestyle. Not surprisingly, the most accurate translation of the original title of the series is: "Behaving badly".