Wallpapers HD of the Broken Blade Anime

The inhabitants of the Cruzon continent are born with the ability to freely control quartz and other minerals. Technology based on this power allows them to perform a multitude of tasks, such as firing projectiles and piloting giant robots, called Golems. Rygart Arrow is a non-mage, a rare individual who is unable to levitate using small crystals. Living with his brother on a farm, he receives a letter from an old friend, Hodr, the current king. Arrow was a classmate of the king and queen when they studied at the Assam Military School, and so he is informed that a war is about to occur. He joins the army upon learning that his status as a non-mage allows him to pilot large machines that cannot be operated by mages. On the battlefield, he discovers that the officer on the enemy side is Zess, another old friend of his.