Wallpapers HD of the Bulletstorm Game

The creators of Gears of War and Painkiller, respectively. With the title in the hands the conclusions are obvious, and the program offers exactly what those responsible have been promising in recent months, ie brainless action elevated to maximum power and, at the same time, truffled with an action system with very interesting incentives. Of course, the multiplayer part is definitely not up to par, and the whole offline experience is too short; but we should not underestimate Bulletstorm by considering it a forgettable title. There is much that is unique and genuine in People Can Fly's video game, with a very careful mix of frenetic shooter, loaded with a sense of humor and an addictive mechanism. A title that given its low demands on the user's concentration is highly recommended to disconnect, something that is not abundant in recent times and that is also a positively valued feature.