Wallpapers HD of the Burn Notice TV Show

This production with large doses of action and drama tells the story of a CIA agent who has received a 'Burn Notice' -the original title of the series-, which means in this world the end of his career as a spy. Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan, 'Crossing Jordan', 'Touching Evil') is the protagonist who, with ten years of service behind him, is sent back to Miami after having aborted a mission in Nigeria due to the inexplicable lack of cooperation of a contact. From then on, Michael will have to learn to live outside the CIA and for this he will have the company of his ex-girlfriend and former IRA terrorist Fiona Glenanne (Gabrielle Anwar, 'The Tudors', 'Essence of a Woman'). He soon realizes that he has been 'burned' or, in other words, removed from the service for not being considered suitable for this type of mission. With no contacts, no weapons, no personal identification and under permanent surveillance and strict orders not to leave Miami, Westen must find out who betrayed him with the only help of his ex, Fiona.

His only way out is to work as a clandestine undercover agent on small-time cases, while investigating on his own how he ended up on the Central Intelligence blacklist. To do so, he will have to sharpen his wits and, being without equipment, he will improvise by creating his own surveillance systems and electronic devices from common objects. He will become a sort of MacGyver and will make use of all kinds of utensils to achieve his goals.