Wallpapers HD of the Captain America The Winter Soldier Movie

While Captain America: The First Avenger immersed us in the early years of the Marvel universe through the translation of the legendary comic book to the big screen, now the hero returns with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This story takes place in the present day and stars Chris Evans, Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson, among others. The plot of the story continues to revolve around Private Steve Rogers, who maintains his alliance with Nick Fury and the secret agency SHIELD, and also tries to get involved in the modern world. However, there is something that Rogers did not imagine: a former comrade of his, known as the Winter Soldier, formerly Bucky Barnes, is found by enemy forces in a frozen lake. The villains of the show decide to take advantage of the find and train him to annihilate those they deem necessary.

Captain America, his friend Sam Wilson (The Falcon) and Natasha Romanov (The Black Widow) will join forces to fight against the forces of evil in this great adventure.