Wallpapers HD of the Chainsaw Man Anime

About Chainsaw Man

Denji's father dies and Denji is forced to pay off a huge debt, but he has no way to repay it. But thanks to a Dog Demon named Pochita whom he saved a while back, Denji is able to survive by becoming a Demon Hunter for hire for the Yakuza. Pochita will transfer chainsaw powers to him that will allow him to fight them effectively by becoming Chainsaw Man and enjoying great wallpapers after epic battles.

Although Denji moves on a demon finishes him off and Pochita sacrifices herself to revive him, this totally turns Denji into a Demon-Human never seen to date and he is forced by Makima to join the Public Safety Demon Hunter squad under threat of extermination now that he is technically a demon.


Denji is the protagonist of Chainsaw Man. As a child, he inherited debts owed to the Yakuza by his father; after meeting Pochita, he becomes a demon hunter for the Yakuza in an attempt to settle the debt.


Pochita is the Chainsaw Demon who embodies the fear of chainsaws. He was the original Chainsaw Man before becoming Denji's heart.

He is considered one of the most powerful entities in the series after the Primordial Demons, being able to fend off hordes of demons in Hell unscathed.


Power is the Blood Demon Woman and a Public Safety Demon Slayer, who is part of Makima's special squad.