Wallpapers HD of the Civilization Beyond Earth Game

What can best convey the feelings that the fan will have with the first minutes of civilization beyond earth wallpaper is that of familiarity. As soon as we open the game and move through the menus we realize that everything has a sense of d�j� vu with respect to what we have been experiencing with the Civilization saga in general and with the fifth installment in particular. That's a good thing, and that is that Firaxis has achieved a huge degree of specialization when it comes to composing brilliant menus and interfaces. Our first steps? Choosing the difficulty among six alternatives and the speed among four.

Then we already start to opt for five broad general features that, for our part, will define very clearly how our way of developing will be and what bonuses we will have in our first steps or even more in the long term. Choosing elements such as the patron of our faction, the colonizers that escort us, the ship that transports us or the cargo we carry, we receive a series of very different advantages, and choosing the world profile we will give a good amount of clues to the engine that generates them randomly of how we want the proportions of land and water in our playing field. If we want a deeper customization we have the Advanced Settings with a little more than a couple of dozen parameters to detail, in addition to stipulate the possible victory conditions and even specifically the different factions to face. Up to this point, and except for the particularities of the journey, there is little new with respect to what we have been seeing in recent times in the franchise.