Wallpapers HD of the Community Tv Show TV Show

Sitcom' created by Dan Harmon for the American network NBC that shows the daily life of a group of students at Greendale Community College, a university where the most varied profiles you can imagine concur: from elderly individuals who fart around to young people unable to integrate into the classic high school, to adults who try to prove to themselves that in this environment they are not out of place. The series revolves around seven students who create a study group to tackle the Spanish course taught by Se�or Chang (Ken Jeong, 'Hangover in Vegas'), a flamboyant Asian who teaches the language using unorthodox methods. The one who is presented as the leader of this group at first is Jeff Winger (Joel McHale, 'The Big Year'), a former lawyer who is forced to return to his studies when it is discovered that he does not have a degree from Columbia University but one obtained in Colombia and with a more than dubious validity.