Wallpapers HD of the Counter Strike Global Offensive - CS Go Game

Counter Strike: Global Offensive (or simply CS:GO) is a first-person shooter action video game. Fourth installment of Valve's saga, CSGO repeats the usual approach: two teams, terrorists and counter-terrorists, fighting each other to meet objectives such as planting / defusing a bomb. It is the most popular multiplayer FPS among eSports and has dedicated servers as well as customized games where you can enjoy up to six game modes.

Although it is possible to play Counter Strike offline with bots, the most popular aspect of the game is its online multiplayer. Across five game modes (competitive, casual, deathmatch, arms race and demolition) player avatars can purchase realistic weapons and equipment with virtual money during a match, and lose them upon death. The gameplay of Counter Strike: Global Offensive has made it a favorite of many gamers, particularly in the PC community. It is also available on Mac, Linux, and the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles. CSGO is a real top in the world of eSports gaming.