Wallpapers HD of the Criminal Minds TV Show

This police investigation series created by Jeff Davis ('Lobo adolescente') proposes a new way of solving crimes different from the classic Sherlock Holmes-style investigation where tangible evidence is needed to support the investigator's deductive process. The series, contrary to what we are used to from titles like 'Castle', 'Bones' or even 'CSI', exploits empathy with the killer. When there is no chance of progress in a serial murder case, the FBI turns to the Quantico (Virginia) Behavioral Analysis Unit led by Jason Gideon (Mandy Patinkin, 'Dick Tracy') and Aaron Hotchner (Thomas Gibson, 'Dharma and Greg'). The squad's specialty is to take an in-depth look into the minds of the country's most twisted serial killers in order to anticipate their next moves.

While ordinary detectives study the evidence of the crime, this special team analyzes the criminal's behavior to determine the suspect's motive. Their search is from the inside out; not by examining the evidence in the lab, but by studying the behavior of the offender both at the crime scene and in the place where he lives or works in order to know how they think and, above all, how they will act.