Wallpapers HD of the Crysis 3 Game

About Crysis 3

"Crysis 3" is a first-person shooter known for its high-tech characters and futuristic gameplay. In this game, players will encounter a variety of intriguing characters as they navigate a world of advanced technology and alien threats.

Prophet (Laurence Barnes)

Prophet, whose real name is Laurence Barnes, is the game's central character. He is equipped with a Nanosuit that grants him extraordinary abilities and is central to the game's story.

Michael "Psycho" Sykes

Michael "Psycho" Sykes is a fan-favorite character who returns from previous Crysis games. He provides support and camaraderie to Prophet.

Claire Fontanelli

Claire Fontanelli is a scientist who plays a key role in the game's narrative. Her knowledge of the Ceph aliens is essential in understanding and combating the threat.

Karl Ernst Rasch

Karl Ernst Rasch is the head of CELL Corporation, the game's primary antagonist. His actions and ambitions drive the conflict between Prophet and CELL.

The Ceph

The Ceph are a formidable alien race that threatens humanity. Their advanced technology and relentless aggression are central to the game's action.