Wallpapers HD of the Crysis 3 Game

Crysis. An overrated brand for some, an absolute cult for others? The only certainty is that it is the saga that has elevated CryTek not only as one of the leading studios in the technological field, but also as a reference team from the playable point of view. To achieve this status in the German studio, two videogames have been enough: Far Cry and Crysis, and we must also add others as estimable as its outstanding second part, only weighed down by some unapologetic artificial intelligence problems.

What do we have in our hands now? A third installment that has an enormous pressure on its shoulders. At a time when everything suggests that the days of the current generation of video consoles are numbered, something that unfortunately drags down PC developments, the Teutonic studio led by Cevat Yerli and company has a double mission: on the one hand to ensure that the future of the IP is strong despite some (somewhat inordinate) criticism of the 2011 sequel and their intentions to turn it into a free-to-play, on the other hand to demonstrate that they are not neglecting the versions for compatibles despite the obvious problems involved in working on projects of these characteristics on such different platforms.