Wallpapers HD of the Curb your Enthusiasm TV Show

Larry David, co-creator and executive producer of Seinfeld, produces, writes and stars in this HBO sitcom, a portrait of his own life in which he plays himself on a daily basis. Larry tries to get used to his ordinary life in Los Angeles after having lived as a multimillionaire during the years following his resounding success on Seinfeld. He is helped in this by his best friend Jeff Greene (Jeff Garlin), who has a neurotic wife, Susie Greene (Susie Essman), who always lashes out at the two of them. His wife, Cheryl David (Cheryl Hines, 'Suburgatory'), has a calmer character, but she complains no less about Larry's behavior, and arguments have become commonplace in their relationship.

Larry establishes the main axis of each chapter and from him the scene is improvised by the cast. The cast is quite extensive, since many of the episodes have the participation of some guest stars such as Michael J. Fox ('Back to the Future') or Martin Scorsese ('The Invention of Hugo') who play themselves adding some slight variation.