Wallpapers HD of the Da Vincis Demons TV Show

Starz drama focusing on the youth of one of the most important men of history and the Italian Renaissance, Leonardo Da Vinci. Before he became the great genius of painting, Leonardo Da Vinci (Tom Riley, 'Monroe') was a passionate young man with a brilliant mind. However, Da Vinci's life holds many secrets that have not reached us to this day. Secrets that in 'Da Vinci`s Demons' will come to light, and that will show us the hidden youth of one of the men who would change the course of history forever.

During his youth in Florence, the young Leonardo experiences all the arts: he is a painter, inventor, swordsman, lover of women and men, dreamer and idealist. And there is something about him that makes him special, a greatness that will make him stand out more than any other man of his time and become one of the creators of the future we know.