Wallpapers HD of the Dead Space 3 Game

The video game enthusiast community is a tough crowd. No one denies that. If a beloved saga undergoes any change, no matter how small, it is scrutinized with a magnifying glass, and it often doesn't sit well. If, on the other hand, a franchise settles in and does not alter its formula too much, it is also criticized, but then accused of continuity. How to please the majority of users? With gradual changes and above all with the feeling of evolution that, precisely, accompanies the Dead Space series.

Despite the fact that no installment of the franchise has been a survival horror, the first chapter is the closest to the standard of the genre with its cocktail of action, terror, puzzles and limited resources. Since then we've seen a progressive shift towards increasing amounts of action, and also to an ever-increasing veneer of a cinematic veneer that gives the series an adventure movie style. As different as all these elements may seem, the fact is that the combination works and gives us a fun, fast-paced action-adventure video game with a few touches of horror that are truly breathtaking.