Wallpapers HD of the Destiny Game

From the creators of the renowned Halo saga, Bungie presents Destiny, its new IP in the form of a sci-fi shooter adventure. The video game is set in a dark future where a gigantic Traveler protects the Earth and its inhabitants. Civilization has already traveled the solar system for centuries and only its ruins populate the surfaces of the different worlds. A threat hits hard to everything known and the Guardians, regardless of their race (Humans, Exon and Insomniacs) begin to fight this evil starring in an epic adventure. As a player we will be one of these Guardians (hunter, titan or sorcerer) who will face on planets such as Earth, the Moon, Venus and Mars, both in missions of Attack and Defense. The campaign has the particularity that we are always accompanied, either with friends or complete strangers with whom we will interact in the Tower, headquarters of the guardians and social meeting point. Destiny has abundant cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes, and a persistent character.