Wallpapers HD of the Dexter TV Show

Dexter, whose parents died when he was just a child, was raised in a police family by his adoptive father Harry Morgan (James Remar, 'Sex and the City', 'Cotton Club') with his sister - Harry's biological daughter - Deb (Jennifer Carpenter 'The Good Wife'). Harry, a man of firm principles and convictions, educated his children in morals to such an extent that they both followed in his footsteps and became policemen. Thus, Dexter's sister works alongside him in the Miami Police Department.

At the beginning of the fiction, a serial killer of prostitutes appears in the city and the entire police force turns to this case making the capture of this murderer their top priority. The particular and twisted methods of this new threat arouse Dexter's curiosity - from murderer to murderer -, so he gets especially involved in this case. The only difference is that he does it for his personal interest and not for the good of others.