Game Diablo 3 wallpapers HD

The world of Sanctuary is in chaos! Ready to fight? Diablo 3 takes us to fight against the armies of hell incarnating any of the five heroes that star in the third installment of this veteran series of action adventure and role-playing developed by Blizzard, authors also of Warcraft and StarCraft, which for the first time is also released on consoles (in addition to PC), with versions adapted to Xbox 360 and PS3. Barbarian, Monk, Demon Hunter, Mage and Witch Doctor. Each one with their own special abilities and exclusive battle equipment, the new heroes of Diablo III must explore dark catacombs, enter cursed temples, rescue innocents in bloody battlefields and survive the very hells in a videogame that does not forget one of the great hallmarks of the franchise: the cooperative.

Up to four people can join forces to fight against the troops of Azmodan that threaten to destroy this dark fantasy world that always creates its scenarios procedurally, so that each game is different from the previous one. During the long journey of Diablo 3 we will meet new characters like Leah, we will also cross paths with old acquaintances like Deckard Cain, and we will have the opportunity to trade with vendors, improve our weapons, and use precious gems and diamonds to enhance the hero's abilities.

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