Wallpapers HD of the Diablo 3 Game

About Diablo 3

The latest release of Blizzard's action RPG comes with Diablo 3 and its thrilling game modes. In this installment, players will enjoy the classic hack-and-slash gameplay, with new and improved character classes, and a deep and engaging story. Players can choose to play solo or team up with friends to take on the armies of the Burning Hells.


A fierce warrior class, known for their brute strength and powerful melee attacks. They are able to wield two-handed weapons and are experts in dealing massive damage to their enemies.


A holy knight class, wielding a shield and a flail. They are experts in dealing with multiple enemies at once and are able to call upon the power of their faith to heal themselves and their allies.

Demon Hunter

A ranged class, skilled in the use of crossbows and traps. They specialize in taking out single targets quickly and efficiently, and are able to evade enemy attacks with their acrobatic movements.


A melee class that specializes in hand-to-hand combat and using spirit energy to empower their abilities. They are able to move quickly and strike their enemies with precision and speed.


A class that specializes in the manipulation of death and the undead. They are able to raise hordes of corpses to do their bidding and curse their enemies, making them vulnerable to attack.

Witch Doctor

A class that specializes in the use of voodoo magic. They are able to summon powerful minions and afflict their enemies with curses and diseases.


A class that specializes in the use of elemental magic. They are able to wield powerful spells and control the battlefield with their ability to manipulate the elements.


The main villain of the game, known as the Lord of Terror. He is a powerful demon and the ruler of the Burning Hells. He is the ultimate enemy that the players must defeat to save the world.