Wallpapers HD of the Dishonored Game

In recent times, and now that we are at the height of this generation, it is common for different studios and distributors to claim that it is risky and even unwise to launch a new franchise. The reasons have to do with a public that is not given to taking risks, among other reasoning almost always related to the commercial aspect. However, we don't know how Arkane Studios' new game will fare in terms of sales, but as far as quality is concerned, Dishonored is a safe bet.

It was already clear from a distance that what the creators of Arx Fatalis were developing could be a wonderful product, and Dishonored exceeds even expectations. Calling it the "sleeper" of the year may be a bit adventurous considering that the admiration it had aroused during its development phase was huge, but from some points of view it can only be labeled as such a product that comes from practically nothing and obtains such beautiful results. If with Arx Fatalis and the PC version of Dark Messiah of Might & Magic the studio did a recognizable and quality work, the team now generates its most rounded work and offers us a title not only very striking from the artistic and polishing point of view, but also exciting from the playable and creditor of some amazing production values. Especially if we take into account the scarce resources that new IPs often have to deal with.