Wallpapers HD of the Divinity Original Sin Game

They promised a return to the origins of the genre. Recovering the magic and charm of those amazing role-playing adventures where you could do practically anything, no matter how evil or crazy it may seem! And do it while keeping intact the playable depth that characterized these video games. Too beautiful to be true? Well, no! Divinity: Original Sin is that and much more. Because we are facing one of the best role-playing games that have passed through our hands in a long time. A shining example of how the genre can evolve without losing its classic essence, which is precisely what the thousands of fans who financed its development some time ago asked for, and that has really surprised us enormously for the great freedom of action it offers, its exciting and deep combat system and, of course, that magnificent content editor with which the community of users promises to bring us great joy in the near future.