Wallpapers HD of the Dragon Age Origins Game

Role-playing, magic and fantasy come together strongly in Dragon Age: Origins, an RPG from the same creators as Baldur's Gate. The game marks the starting point for Bioware's role-playing and dark fantasy saga, who define it as "a spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights", their masterpieces. As its name suggests, the game's story explains the origin of key elements in the saga, such as the blood mages that transform the Golden City of the Maker in the Veil from which come the spawns that plague Thedas and the Tevinter empire. Players enter the universe of sword, magic and blood of Dragon Age: Origins from the perspective of the Grey Wardens, champions from all over the world destined to protect the kingdom of Ferelden from demons. As has become customary in Bioware games, after customizing our character we also have allies that have enormous relevance for combat and campaign, in which we face the archdemon.