Wallpapers HD of the Dragon Ball XenoVerse Game

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, this novel combination was so beautiful that it was hard to believe it would turn out well. For starters, the Japanese developers at Dimps are behind the development (responsible for Budokai), which is a good thing even if they haven't been successful in some of their more recent work. Finally, there are legacies of that exclusively Asian experiment known as DB Online, including customization and online component. The result is a video game very different from what is known, mainly because we create our own protagonist and put him to fight in the usual plot, but also in a small world that gives us access to many opportunities for customization, side quests and online options. All with its ups and downs, without being the definitive game, but still becoming a pleasant surprise for fans who no longer expected much from video games supported by this license. The entry into the new generation has been very good for Goku and his friends.