Wallpapers HD of the Dying Light Game

The creators of the Dead Island series, the guys from Techland, present Dying Light, a first-person action video game with survival horror features set in an open world, for PC and Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles after abandoning during its development the versions for machines of the previous cycle when the studio was unable to reproduce everything they have in their heads with these in mind. In this sandbox horror video game with the omnipresent threat of a zombie infection, Techland achieves one of its most rounded and recommendable works, since they refine their combat and stealth formulas to unsuspected extremes. By day Dying Light is a phenomenal experience of action and exploration where we must equip ourselves with everything possible and fulfill missions of a very estimable difficulty. At night, however, the experience of moving around the world is a real hell, and that is when the most savage and devastating undead come out of their burrows to chase us in a clever change of perspective that turns us into a mouse and the zombies into a cat.