Wallpapers HD of the Dylan Dog Movie

Based on the Italian comic book of the same name, 'Dylan Dog: The Dead of the Night', narrates the unsuspected adventures of Dylan Dog (Brandon Routh, 'Superman Returns'), a former London police officer, Scotland Yard, who works on his own as a private detective in New Orleans after going through a complicated personal situation due to the death of his fianc�e. As a result, he is dedicated to solving all kinds of cases, no matter what type they are, each one more unusual and surreal and even beyond rational comprehension. Now he must pursue a whole series of supernatural fauna and serve as a mediator: werewolves, vampires, zombies... even his assistant, Sam Hungtington ('Superman Returns'), is an undead who serves as his guide through the intricate ways of the night. In his new case he will have to investigate the death of an important businessman by a dangerous werewolf, and for this he will have to visit old acquaintances: the leader of the pack, Gabriel (Peter Stormare, 'Fargo') and his son Wolgang (Kurt Angle, a real 'wrestle' fighter), as well as Vargas (Tage Diggs, 'Chicago'), the new head of the vampires.