Wallpapers HD of the Elysium Movie

The new project by director Neill Blomkamp ('District 9'), moves to a future time, one hundred years from now (in 2154), on a planet that has changed in an astonishing way. Two classes have been created: those who have economic resources and live safely in a space station on the fringes of everything (which is called Elysium) and those who cannot afford such a whim and have to be content with subsisting in a crowded planet whose natural resources are no longer enough. In this context, the powerful government secretary Rhodes (Jodie Foster, 'The Silence of the Lambs'), will do everything possible to maintain this situation and prevent a transfer between the two sites. But the Earthlings are increasingly desperate to get off the planet, so it won't be long before they reveal themselves to try to achieve their aims through insurgency.

Meanwhile, the soldier Max (Matt Damon, 'The Bourne Case'), will accept a secret mission that will be the key to the resolution of the conflict. Will Max be able to get both societies to equalize?