Wallpapers HD of the Euphoria TV Show

Euphoria is the American adaptation of the Israeli series of the same name. This story, which falls within the drama genre, follows a group of teenage high school students who, immersed in the fateful world of drugs, sex and violence, try to fight these monsters in order to face a new future.

Rue is a 17-year-old teenager recently released from rehab, but with no intention of staying sober. When she decides to go to a party of her classmates, she will meet Jules, a girl who has just arrived in the city and who will change the schemes of her life.

Thanks to this encounter, Rue has a new best friend who is Rue, but that doesn't mean she can leave her past behind. On the other hand, Nate's obsession with Jules becomes a bit violent and Kat finds a video of him on the internet, which makes him take his life from a different perspective.

Characters of Euphoria

The cast of "Euphoria" adds diverse actors and actresses, who bring to life characters who face adolescence differently. Here are the characters of "Euphoria"

RUE (Zendaya)

Playing Rue, the main character of the series, Zendaya gives life to an oven who has serious mental health problems and drug addiction.

JULES VAUGH (Hunter Schafer)

In the series, Schafer gives life to Jules Vaugh, a free teenager, but surrounded by violence. Hunter Schafer is also a trans activist and model.

CASSIE HOWARD (Sydney Sweeney)

Playing Cassie Howard, Sydney takes on the role of a girl who lives the consequences of being sexualized at school.

MADDY PEREZ (Alexa Demie)

Alexa plays Maddy Perez, a teenager who lives in the midst of violence, dependence on popularity. She is Nate's girlfriend.

NATE JACOBS (Jacob Elordi)

Actor Jacob Elordi plays Nate Jacobs, a violent teenager with anger issues who discovers his father's assault on Jules Schafer.