Wallpapers HD of the Evolve Game

The new work of Turtle Rock Studios may seem somewhat overwhelming at first glance, however when we take control of everything that happens the show is formidable. Once the controversy with the policy of DLCs that the game will address, and that precisely will come to alleviate one of the few elements that fail in the formula of Evolve, variety, the truth is that we have a very exciting and definitely powerful product. It's not for everyone, that's for sure, but it presents a fantastic balance between the degree of specialization it demands and also in terms of a certain degree of accessibility and common elements that prevents anyone from getting demoralized. On those pillars is built a release that is honest and bold with the kind of entertainment it wants to offer, and that becomes thanks to that one of the most surprising and fun multiplayer of the moment.

As you can guess in a game so clearly focused on its online aspect, everything that has to do with the plot is not very important. It is about building a context and a universe of its own, and quite particular by the way, so in this sense the program does its homework and provides us with enough information so that everything in its world makes sense. Specifically, it is about a group of elite hunters who travel the galaxy getting the most precious and dangerous alien species. The planet Shear is the latest objective of our protagonists, and it is a valuable colony with expensive facilities and a highly trained staff that is under siege by a series of extraterrestrial creatures that threaten to destroy everything.