Wallpapers HD of the Falling Skies TV Show

Six months have passed since Earth was invaded by aliens. With almost the entire planet destroyed, a group of survivors gathers outside one of the shattered cities to plan how to fight back. Fighting every day to survive, every man, woman and child has become soldiers trying to defend those they love most from the powerful enemy alien force. Tom Mason (Noah Wyle, 'ER') is a Boston history teacher who has seen his life fall apart in the wake of the invasion. He struggles trying to protect his two sons, Hal (Drew Roy) and Matt (Maxim Knigh), and to find the third, Ben (Connor Jessup), who disappeared with the arrival of the aliens. Pediatrician Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood, 'Terminator Salvation') is charged with protecting the children orphaned by the invasion, and Weaver (Will Patton, 'Armageddon') is the strong leader of the resistance, fighting to defend the people in his care.

Together, the human resistance must learn to survive in this new world to find a way to recapture their home.