Wallpapers HD of the Fortnite Game

Fortnite is an online shooting game (what is known as a shooter) in third person (ie; you see your character as it moves). It has two game modes: Save the world and Battle Royale. Save the world is an open world that can be played alone or online with friends and is cooperative. The game consists of fighting against waves of enemies, controlled by an artificial intelligence, called Husks. The player can be in a team with three other players, alone with a team of bots or can even disable the bots to have a completely solo experience. Battle Royale is the mode that is making waves among teenagers. It is a competitive mode where the player is part of a team of four people (known or unknown), who must try to survive. Players are released by parachute onto an island where there are 96 other players of different levels and must complete missions and eliminate enemies in order to be the last survivor. In addition, they must avoid storms that reduce the playing space and harm them. To do this and to defend themselves, they can build structures of different materials.