Wallpapers HD of the Friday Night Lights TV Show

The soccer championship is one of the most important events in the town of Dillon (Texas). It's not just a sport. For many, it's life, everything that matters. This time it looks like the town's high school team, the Panthers, have everything going for them to win the championship. But when the team's quarterback, Jason Street, becomes paralyzed, they have to find alternative methods to win the championship. From that moment on, newly appointed coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler, 'Ultimatum to Earth', 'Super 8') starts looking for Jason's replacement. He finds him in Matt Saracen (Zach Gilford, 'The Mob Doctor'), a player with little confidence but promising talent. The arrival of coach Eric's daughter, Julie (Aimee Teegarden, 'Scream 4', 'Prom') at the institute will be an incentive for the young athlete to begin to trust himself and show what he is worth on the playing field.