Wallpapers HD of the Frozen Movie

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, a prophecy condemned the inhabitants to be subjected to ice for their entire existence. There lives Anna (voice of Kristen Bell, Movie 43), a brave young girl who is not afraid of anything and decides to embark on a journey with her comrade, the reindeer Sven, and Kristoff, a daring mountaineer (voice of Jonathan Groff, The Conspiracy), to free her kingdom from the curse that condemns it to an eternal icy winter. Their journey aims to find Elsa (voice of Indina Menzel), Snow Queen and Anna's sister, who has the power to control the ice and can, therefore, put an end to the prophecy that condemns the place. Their adventures will be full of magic, elves, extreme temperatures and they will have to fight against time and nature. Along the way they will meet funny characters like Olaf, a funny snowman. Will the characters manage to save their kingdom and save themselves or will the freezing temperatures be able to save them?