Wallpapers HD of the Futurama TV Show

Fry is a somewhat fanciful 20th century pizza delivery boy, short of breath and with no future ahead of him. Everything changes when, on New Year's Eve 1999, he is asked to deliver a pizza to a laboratory. There he is accidentally cryogenized, remaining frozen for a thousand years. Fry wakes up in the New York of the 31st century, a place full of aliens and spaceships, where he has nothing to do with how he was before. Immediately, Fry feels like a fish in water. With the help of a violet-haired Cyclops named Leela and the alcoholic and politically incorrect robot Bender, Fry manages to contact his descendant (on his brother's side), Professor Hubert Farnsworth, a mad scientist over a hundred years old who offers them a job as delivery boys in his intergalactic courier company, Planet Express. From that moment on, Fry will be immersed in a multitude of incredible situations throughout the galaxy, where he will meet all kinds of alien races, new planets and civilizations.

The Planet Express team will also include Hermes, a Jamaican bureaucrat and limbo champion, Amy, a carefree rich girl, and Dr. Zoidberg, a crustacean alien with few medical skills. Along their travels they will also encounter other characters, such as Zapp Brannigan, an incompetent but famous general who is obsessed with Leela, and his assistant, the green alien Kif.